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About us

Wild Earth Herbals was created out of a desire to return to traditional and ancestral healing. Plant medicine is as old as the dawn of time, and the earth provides us with all we need.
Our products are created with only locally grown or organic and sustainably sourced plants and other materials.

The owner and plant mistress of Wild Earth Herbals is Angelina Shuman.

I love to create new herbal products-focusing on locally grown plants, and to help guide people on their path to realizing and achieving their wellness goals. I first became interested in alternative healing in 1998 when I became a parent. Wanting to find more natural holistic ways to raise my daughter, I was drawn to homegrown remedies. Eight years ago, I started working with the birth community as a doula. While working with pregnant mothers, I began researching herbalism as a complementary practice as many doula clients were interested in herbal teas and natural induction methods.
After making a go of it in the practical world of accounting and non-profit administration, I have decided to pursue her passion of helping others take their wellness into their own hands. After 4 years of independent studying and research, I began formal training with Heart of Herbs School of Herbalism and will soon be certified as a Master Herbalist. I hope that traditional wellness and healing practices will once again take a forefront in society.~Angelina